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Bring Them Home Tour

Read about Athletes For Israel's Solidarity Trip with the Yeshiva University Maccabees

Athletes For Israel is working to combat the dramatic rise in global antisemitism and promote a positive narrative about Israel by bringing professional and collegiate athletes to the Holy Land.

College Basketball
in Israel

Every summer, Athletes For Israel brings US collegiate players and coaches get to experience and immerse themselves in Israeli culture, daily life, history and innovation.

The itinerary includes historical sites (City of David, Bethlehem), Yad Vashem, dinners at local restaurants, The Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, innovative tech summits and competitive basketball games against Israel national teams.


Kansas State University Men's Basketball

Summer 2023


Auburn University Men's Basketball

Summer 2022


University of Arizona Men's Basketball

Summer 2023

Israel is a diverse and strong nation...I realized how many people have a deep love for their country and are fighting for it to be united as one. It was a trip of a lifetime and all athletes and people should experience what I had the opportunity to experience.

Mark West, Former NBA Player

Outdoor Basketball Game


Athletes for Israel is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on the fight against racism and antisemitism by partnering with professional and collegiate athletes to educate and promote a factual, honest positive perspective of Israel and the Jewish people. 

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